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Mask or Menace App

AGE: 25
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CHARACTER NAME: Kaneda Shotaro
SERIES: Akira (movie)
CHRONOLOGY: post-movie
CLASS: Antihero
HOUSING: Residence #005 if that's okay!

Summary of Akira
It all started on July 16th, 1988 in Tokyo. An explosion hit the city, making it ground zero for what eventually became World War III. From its ashes came a new city named Neo Tokyo, hoping to recover from the tragic war. A seemingly thriving city on the outside, it was a metropolis of lights, technology, and industry. Rumors of scientific breakthroughs echoed through the streets.

But in actuality, it was much less luxurious. Crimes, drug trafficking, gang violence, and political corruption plagued the city. The government turned a blind eye to violence and misconduct, government revolts were commonplace, and police brutality was often on the news. All in all, not a great place to live.

What the common people DIDN'T know was secret government experiments, mainly trying to discover, find, capture, and control what they feel was the next stage in human evolution--psychic abilities. There were rumors, and even information being leaked that caused certain civilian chaos, revolters and believers in a mysterious figure called 'Akira', who many thought would be the next messiah. Some people wanted a revolution, and thus, police and violence were rampant across Neo Tokyo.

Kaneda's journey starts when he was a child. Growing up without parents, he was sent to a children's home to be taken care of. There, he met Tetsuo, another kid brought only shortly after he'd arrived. Turns out Tetsuo had been abandoned too, and was sent there only a week after Kaneda had arrived. Kids in the home often beat up or pushed around the new kids, taking their toys and making them cry, and when they decided to do it to Tetsuo for how small and weak he was, Kaneda had stood up to them. Not much is known about Neo Tokyo in his early age, except that life was seemingly okay before he grew up.

In 2019, Kaneda now at 16 years old, biker gangs ruled the city streets, often fighting and hunting down each other for territory or just to settle old rivalries. One of them was The Capsules, the leader none other than Kaneda himself. He was everything you could ever want in a leader--brave, loyal, caring about his team, and willing to take that final step. It bred a little bit of rivalry between him and Tetsuo, who he'd continued to look out for even after they left the children's home. Tetsuo would often constantly compare himself to Kaneda, and thus...feelings of resentment soon grew, unknown to Kaneda himself.

This feeling to best him at something caused Tetsuo to crash during a bike chase, right into one of the psychic kids that had escaped the government. Before Kaneda could get him to safety, the police and army showed up to drag him away all the way back to the facility where they test psychic abilities, to see if something had sparked inside of him. And sure enough...he was. And he was considered remarkable, at that. Kaneda, unable to do anything, had to return to life as normal.

He also meets Kei, a government revolutionist who gets captured along with the bike gangs for questioning. He helps her get out of it, undiscovered, before she leaves him. He...may or may not have attempted to hit on her. Later on he joins her in an attempt to rescue Tetsuo.

That is, until Tetsuo escaped and got into trouble with some remaining members of the rival bike gang. With Kaneda's interference, he was able to save him, only for Tetsuo to shove it back in his face and run off again, his mind altered from the tests that the government had put him with. Reclaimed by authorities, his powers continue to take over his mind, manipulating his thoughts into destructive ones instead of passively snubbing it off. Now fully aware of his power, he exercises it to violently escape the facility he's in, only for Kaneda to come to his rescue.

It's here where Tetsuo just up and loses it.

Now he felt stronger than Kaneda, and felt that with these powers, he could beat him at anything. Finally, he was on top. He leaves Kaneda there, escaping to find medicine that can control the wilder parts of his psychic abilities and keep them in check. Yamagata and Kai, two high ranking members of the Capsules find him after he ravages the nearby bar. After some questioning, Tetsuo kills Yamagata, leaving Kai alive to deliver a message to Kaneda.

And finally, it comes down to just those two. Kaneda realizing that this is all about becoming better than him, and takes off on his bike to settle it once and for all with Tetsuo. After all, he was their friend, so he feels like it's his responsibility to take care of him, as he always had. Tetsuo himself, however, was searching for this 'Akira', who was an exceptional psychic child who had died at the hands of scientists who subjected his organs and brain to all tests you could possibly imagine.

Arriving, Tetsuo's able to let everything out, telling his friend just exactly what he thought about him before they go head to head, psychic powers vs. ...a gun. Yeah, Kaneda got the short end of the stick on this one. The only thing that ended the fight was 3rd party interference from the government, using a space station called SOL to attack him from space. Destroying it, Tetsuo's power had gotten out of control both mentally and physically.

In a final showdown between Kaneda and Tetsuo, his body can't contain the power any longer and...well...he becomes a microwave marshmallow peep. The only thing that's able to stop him is Akira's arrival, who takes Tetsuo away from the world and destroys Neo Tokyo, leaving only Kaneda, Kei and Kai to drive off on their bikes.

Kaneda's personality is one that could be described as the perfect leader. He's brave, headstrong, and looks out for the people under him. It's something that comes naturally, from his charismatic attitude. He's the ultimate show of defiance to people like the government and military of Neo Tokyo, given his free and rebellious nature.

For the most part, Kaneda is someone who's pretty easy to get along with if you haven't personally done anything to him. He's cheerful to those he meets (as long as you're not law enforcement) or takes interest in (girls). Considering his upbringing and status in society, he's probably one of the better ones out there. Unfortunately, he does have a bit of an ego and likes to show off in front of people, but underneath the cocky outer shell is a heart of gold sitting under there. He's a good guy who grew up in a bad situation. He's done some things, certainly--life is hard in Neo Tokyo, but he certainly has a code he lives by.

To say that Kaneda is brave is an understatement. This kid is sixteen years old and already takes to the streets to defend his turf from rival biker gangs. And he does it all as if it were just another day at the park. He's not afraid to say what he's thinking, no matter the situation (he's spoken honestly even with guns pointed to his head) and won't hesitate to rush into danger if he feels he needs to. This is a kid who plays chicken with his motorcycle...and wins. He'll face down anything, be it a large malformed monster (see: his best friend), government agents, or police.

Unfortunately, coupled with Kaneda's bravery is an impulsive nature. Not only is he not afraid to do something, but he will also forget to think before he does something that might be slightly over his head. He doesn't hesitate, and often jumps into action whether or not he can handle the danger. 'Act first, think later' could sum him up quite well. And more often than not, it's what gets him into trouble. He doesn't MEAN to stir it up, it just somehow happens with him!

Having no parents who brought him up, Kaneda's personal relationships are very important to him. Loyalty just doesn't describe it--if someone he cares about is in trouble, or even if he just likes you a lot, he'll literally do anything to make sure that they're safe. He shows this in his brotherhood with his bike gang, especially to Tetsuo, and to a lesser degree Yamagata and Kai. He's also shown this to people he's barely met, most notably Kei, who may or may not be of romantic interest. But even then, he'd only met her twice and jumped on a police officer for her. He will never give up on someone if he considers them his responsibility, even if it means putting his own life at risk.

And none is more apparent than with Tetsuo. His relationship with Tetsuo is (to him) a best friend and a sibling. He views him as his younger brother, and goes out of his way to make sure that he's safe. They met in the children's home together, where he saw kids making fun of him and stealing his belongings. Because of his personality, he went and fought the people who made him cry, returning the toys and thus blossoming their friendship. Since then, they'd always been together, Kaneda looking out for him and making sure he stayed out of trouble. And as an unintentional side effect, he's the subject of Tetsuo's jealousy and idolization.

However, If you break that trust between yourself and Kaneda, you can be sure that he'll be vengeful. He takes trust to heart and the people he cares about are important to him. So if that is broken, he's not going to take it well.

Despite him having to grow up a little too fast for a kid, he is still technically (and in many ways) a kid. Sixteen isn't old enough for him to be completely mature, and he will have moments where he will be the rebellious teen that he was always born to be. This will most likely be when someone tells him something to do relating to work or functioning in society. He hasn't had the best upbringing, going from a children's home to a remedial school, the discipline being less than ideal. He's automatically apprehensive of adults, and will sometimes stoop to acting like 'typical teen' and be more than uncooperative. On the flipside, he's also very good at playing the 'good kid' to try and get out of trouble.

Durability- Basically, it takes a lot to bring Kaneda down. Everything from increased toughness of his skin to more durable bones to a thick head. He's not unstoppable, but he can take heavy impacts and live to tell the tale. Something that could kill him normally would just send him to the hospital. This includes falling from heights.

Bike Cojuring-Kaneda will have the ability to summon his bike out of thin air once he learns how to do it. However, it will only work for him--no one can steal the bike, as it will disappear the moment they try to sit on it. It will allow for one passenger aside from Kaneda.

Luck Manipulation - Much like the durability, it's a passive power, and one Kaneda can't necessarily control no matter what he does. But depending on the situation he can either be a good luck charm or a bad luck charm. How it's decided is random, but trouble will either find him, or he'll slightly turn the tide in his (or someone else's) favour.

Hey, hey hey! Anyone there? It's kind of hard to see if anyone's paying attention but...

[Don't mind the young boy giving a little wave and a smile. He's got an important broadcast to make, alright? Adjusting his coat, he clears his throat, eventually resting his cheek on that elbow and sighing.]

What's there to even do around here, huh? I mean I -get it-, we're supposed to be helping out the world and the government or whatever, but if you ask me...? Boring. I'm talking about REAL action.



[He sits up straighter, brows furrowed deviously as his lips pull up into a smirk. Time to see just what this city has to offer him in terms of rivalry. There's only one way to test out what he wants--or rather, only one way that Kaneda's got in mind.]

Anyone like to race?

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