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Kaneda Shotaro [金田 正太郎] ([personal profile] rassera) wrote2015-06-30 05:25 pm
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Our Days Were Numbered | A Kaneda Fan Soundtrack

Top of the World | Greek Fire
My Way | I Fight Dragons
It's My Life | Bon Jovi
Fire | Gavin Degraw
The Anthem | Good Charlotte
Kids in the Dark | All Time Low
SING | My Chemical Romance
Immortals | Fallout Boy
Ore, Tenshi | PornoGraffiti
We Are the Kids | Walk the Moon
Driver's High | L'Arc-en-Ciel
Even If it Kills Me | Motion City Soundtrack
Point of Extinction | Motion City Soundtrack
The World We Live In | The Killers
Sweetness | Jimmy Eat World
This is Gospel | Panic!At the Disco
Some Nights | F.U.N.
One Minute More | Capital Cities
Go Big or Go Home | American Authors
Let it Rock | Kevin Rudolf
Black Boots | The Click Five
Good Girls Go Bad | Cobra Starship
Uptown Girl | Billy Joel
Shut up and Dance | Walk the Moon
First Time | Lifehouse
Akira | Anamanaguchi
Mona Lisa Overdrive | Juno Reactor
Bosozoku GF | Anamanaguchi
Shores of Orion | God is an Astronaut
Session | Linkin Park
Kaneda | Geinō Yamashirogumi